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Money Global Brands


MoneySmrt is a banking and consumer wellbeing platform designed to help consumers and businesses to Buy Smart, Budget Smart and Bank Smart.


Payrolld helps businesses to assist their employees with their financial wellbeing by encouraging savings and responsible borrowing. We work with social finance companies around the UK.


We have many partnership opportunities to help millions to save more, build their financial capability and general income.

Money Global creates services that helps individuals and businesses to improve their financial wellbeing by maximising their financial potential. From banking to business services; to financial education and media opportunities, our ventures are designed to give everything you need to improve your financial health and maximise your financial potential. 

Money Global AI

We use powerful artificial intelligence to provide a very personalised experience for users and provide in-depth insights into behaviours and market information. This allows us to give you a truly unique and powerful experience across our platforms where you can get the best out of our services. It also provides us with ways to continually learn and improve our services the more you use them.

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