About Money Global

We have a big aim – to help increase the financial wellbeing of individuals and businesses worldwide. It is a massive goal but our team, our technology and our tenacity will ensure that we will succeed. 

Money Global
Money Global Success

We use innovation and the most advanced technology to create solutions to problems and obstacles to good financial capability and wellbeing. Our team are always looking for the best technology to implement in our solutions to give you the best.

Our team have over 25 years in marketing, technology and business in general. With high level experience in law, banking, and customer service. Our team have vast expertise in all departments.

Work for Money Global

Having worked with politicians, celebrities, and leading business influencers, we have some of the most connected individuals in the world. Our CEO and senior team are influential for business consulting and is the top 1% of most connected individuals on LinkedIn. 


Simon Phillips is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant who has helped businesses and credit unions to maximise their opportunities and secure deals. Simon Phillips is a member of the Bloomberg CEO Breakaway Network of CEOs in Europe and spearheaded MoneySmrt being recognised as a minicorn (i.e. a future billion dollar company).

Simon is one of the most connected entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and drives to create social change by using technology.

Follow him on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonphillips1/   

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