We have many advertising opportunities across our Money Global Advertising network, from pay per click on the MoneySmrt website and applications, to advertising on our Influencers Network.

This page will tell you all the different methods of advertising and pricing. You can then contact our team using the form below to indicate what advertising you wish to purchase.

MoneySmrt Home page

Advertise Your Business

If your business offers discounts and affordable products that can help millions to save more money then advertise your business in our shopping area.
We will create a listing that has your business and you only pay for each click on the referrals to your website or app. Our team of expert marketers will do the rest.


Get endorsed by influencers around the world who have 10,000s of social media followers. From LinkedIn, to Instagram you can get endorsed by real influencers at low costs - boosting your brand at a level usually reserved for those who can spend £100ks on advertising.

Money Global Smart TV

Infomercial and TV Advertising

Getting your infomercial or advertised to millions on TV typically means you spend £100,000s on adverts space (and much more for infomercials). We have developed our own TV channel - accessible to millions on Smart TVs around the world. We are offering super low prices to get your infomercial and advert shown to potentially millions around the world.


With MoneySmrt Advertising we have a very simple and transparent fee structure where can easily pre-plan a budget and our team will ensure that you are not billed above that amount. 

Unlike other pay-per-click platforms MoneySmrt advertising gives you a team of marketers who works to help promote your page for you. Simply pay the administration fee (£23) and let our team set up your page for you. 

You then only will pay for the amount of clicks you get through the links on the page to your website.

Standard Plan

£ 23
  • Standard MoneySmrt Shop Page
  • Pay Only £1.30 Per Click
  • Page promoted on social media

We set up a Standard Page for you describing what your business offers, why it helps customers to save money by buying from you. You only pay £1.30 per click. 


Custom Page Plan

£ 103
  • Custom Page which allows additional branding
  • Pay Only £1 per click
  • Page promoted on social media
  • Only £23 annually

We build a Custom Page for you that will retain your brand of your website and company. Our team will then promote that page across our social network giving you larger brand awareness. Only pay £1 per click of any links on the page going to your website.



Premium Plan

£ 1125 --- Current Bid
  • Custom Page which allows additional branding
  • Pay Only £1 per click
  • Page Promoted On Social Media
  • Only £103 annually
  • Direct Sharing of Your Website on Social Media
  • Featured on Home Page, Emails, Social Media

Get a truly custom experience where we work with you to customise your own listing page. We also directly advertise your link direct to your website - meaning you benefit from both direct advertising and our marketing of MoneySmrt.


Our Influencers Network includes leaders across social media as well as popular blogs and websites. Our Influencers include leading celebrities, bloggers, vloggers, social media giants and business industry influencers.

No longer do you need to be a multi-billion pound company to get influencers and celebrities to endorse your product. The best bit – we even tell you how to maximise your endorsement further to increase your brand recognition.

Do you offer business to business services? 

Then why not pay only £103 and get Simon Phillips to share a post endorsing your business on LinkedIn?

Simon is the Founder and CEO of Money Global and is in the top 1% most connected and influential user of LinkedIn. With over 14,000 direct connections and 20 million in his network, then your brand will be recognised by one of the leading CEOs in the world.

Sell to Consumers in the UK?

Get your content shared to a leading influencer on Instagram, and get endorsed by a leading Instagrammer.

How to apply?

We manually approve your application to share your content on our Influencers Network to ensure that appropriate content and ethical advertisers participate.

Complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch with an offer.

Please note, we do not guarantee success of your product or brand.

Advertise on our Influencer Network
Sign up to advertise on our Influencers Network.
Please describe what your company does including products and services sold.

By clicking Submit below you are agreeing for Money Global Limited to submit your details to our Influencers and for you to pay for us for our Influencers displaying or referring to your products, services or brand.

You agree that we do not guarantee any increase in traffic, sales or brand recognition for endorsements by our Influencers.

You agree that the description and all your details about your company are accurate to the best of your knowledge.

You agree to pay Money Global in full prior to any services being undertaken.

You agree and understand that you will not receive any refunds after the services has been undertaken.

You agree and confirm that your business does not undertake or intends to undertake activities that is pornographic, illicit, discriminatory to race, sex, orientation, disability or age.

You agree and confirm that if you undertake any activities that can bring Money Global and/or our Influencers into disrepute we reserve the right to be compensated to the value of the damage to reputation.

You agree that Money Global and/or our Influencers are not liable for any negative associations, damage to your reputation or any loss of sales or disruption to your business.

These Terms does not commit Money Global or our Influencers to any warranties or guaranties as to the success of the services offered.

Third parties are excluded from pursuing any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. If any of these Terms are deemed unenforceable then then that term shall be severed and the remaining Terms shall be fully enforceable. These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

PRIVACY - the information you submit in this form is governed by our Privacy Policy which you can find at the footer of this page. In short we will not disclose any information to third parties without your consent with the exception of Influencers and our partners to undertake the services offered.

Television Advertising

Coming soon – you wil be able to advertise your business to potentially millions at very affordable prices.

We are giving businesses the opportunity that is only reserved for multi-million pounds corporations for a lot less.

Money Global Media
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