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Credit unions provide essential services to our local communities and industries across the country. Helping millions with their financial health with affordable loans and accessible savings products.

We want credit unions to grow. That is why we have designed multiple partnership opportunities that will help credit unions increase their membership, grow their loan books as well as providing their members with extra services.

Browse all of our services specially deserved for credit unions and community banks.


We have a team led by Simon Phillips (business consultant influencer with expertise in strategy, law and technology integration). Our team can help credit unions with almost all areas of business:

  • Compliance and legal considerations
  • Data protection
  • Marketing (including social media)
  • Business development (including outreach services)
  • Job advertising and vetting
  • Business Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Project Strategy
  • Common Bond Research and Analysis
  • Strategic technology acquisition and integration assistance.

Our team are on hand to work with you to achieve your short term and long term corporate goals. 

Our fees have been catered to credit unions and start at just £300 per session (usually a day). 

Individual project fees are calculated based on complexity of costs and resource allocation. 

How to hire us? Contact Us and explain what your credit union needs. We will get back to you with a full proposal and explain how we can help you reach your goals.



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With Payrolld you get to use our business development team who will source new payroll deduction partners for your credit union. The best - you only pay when you have agreed with the organisation to provide payroll deduction partnership.

Money Global Success

Marketing MoneySmrt

We have exclusive rates for Credit Unions on our Advertising Network where you will only pay 75p per click (rather than £1.30) as well as no administration fee. Our expert marketers will work to grow your brand by promoting your listing across social media and directories.

Money Global AI

Smart Assistant

Get the MoneySmrt Smart Assistant on your website and help your members with their financial literacy. You can even get a custom made version to handle most of your customer service enquiries saving you thousands per year and engaging with your members more.

Advertise On MoneySmrt

Money Global Success

Our Advertising Network allows you to advertise for a lot less with only 75p per click, This is significantly less than LinkedIn and you also get a listing on our Shop Smart under finance and loans categories. 

Our marketing team will then promote your listing across our network as well as high traffic sources to maximise the traffic you get.

There are no administration fee and you only pay when you receive a click through to your own website (billed monthly). 

Simply use the form to create your listing and we will be in contact with follow up questions and liaise with you to build your listing.

Every listing is manually created and we work with you to create a listing that can boost your brand. Your listing will include:

  • A short description of your credit union. Including your common bond and brief introduction.
  • Long description of your credit union where you will include product and services that you offer. Other features and unique selling points.
  • Unlimited links throughout your post (you can link to each product page on your website).
  • Newsletter sign-up/Enquiry Form (see below).

One great feature is that you can have a sign-up form on your website where you receive an email containing enquiries or potential members who you can send further information to. 

You only pay for each time someone clicks submit on the form. 

This is a powerful feature used by businesses around the world to gain valuable leads or manage their customers well. 

There is simply one fee you pay:

£.075 per click to your website or referral via a Form. 


You are then billed at the end of the month the total clicks received and pay within 7 days of receiving the invoice.


You can set a maximum budget (which must be more than £103 per month) where the links to your website or your listing will be temporarily removed once the budget has been met.

Credit Union Advertising
Sign up your credit union and we will create a listing for you.
Enter your Job Title
Enter which Credit Union you are creating a listing for
i.e. Online Banking, SMS Banking, Mobile Banking, Payroll Deduction
PRIVACY - Your personal details will be kept secure in line with our Privacy Policy We will not share your personal details with third parties without your consent with the exceptions of the necessity to carryout the above services and related services. We may email you from time to time to offer further partnership opportunities in which you may opt out any time by responding with instructions to do so. TERMS & CONDITIONS - These Terms are subordinate to the General Terms and Conditions of Money Global You agree that Money Global will create a listing containing your logo, brand name, and content supplied by you for the purpose of promotion. You agree to pay Money Global for every click on any links directed to your website, webpage or application at a rate Money Global has previously indicated. You agree to pay Money Global an aggregate total of clicks on a monthly basis. Money Global does not warrant or guarantee that any sales, increase in membership, loans, revenue or brand awareness will occur with traffic referred from MoneySmrt, social media or any Money Global's brands or partnership websites or applications. You agree that you will pay Money Global within 7 days of being invoiced. You agree that should you terminate this agreement you will have to pay Money Global for any clicks or referrals made up to the point of termination. You agree that Money Global is not responsible for any negative adverse effects to your brand or revenue due to your referrals and clicks to your website or application. You agree to indemnify Money Global for any disruption, loss or revenue or damage to any Money Global brands or its partners brands by your participation on this service. If any of these Terms and Conditions are deemed unenforceable by a court of law, that Term will be severed and the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain fully enforceable. Third parties are excluded from claiming any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of England and Wales.

Power Your Credit Union With A.I.

Having good financial literacy and good consumer awareness are essential components of members being able to make good financial decisions, save more and borrow responsibly. MoneySmrt is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, tools and skills to help them maximise their financial capability as well as to know what to do if something does not go quite to plan.

Competitors to credit unions now offer libraries of information and tools to help their customers with their financial literacy, as well as assisting them to forge partnerships with businesses and organisations by demonstrating. 

We want credit unions to help their members even more – by giving them access to the wealth of information, tools and services that the MoneySmrt Smart Hub contains.

Money Global AI

As a credit union you can refer your members (for free) to the Smart Hub. Your members can then use the tools information to enhance their financial wellbeing. 

However, we are also offering credit unions with a very unique and exclusive feature.


 You can get our Smart Assistant on your website powered by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence software.


The Smart Assistant responds to users enquiries relating to anything that is displayed within the Smart Hub. This includes information about:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Loans
  • Consumer rights such as claiming refunds, delivery rights and pricing
  • Tips on getting deals
  • How to increase income by clearing out their unwanted items
  • Budgeting tool
  • Savings tool
  • Debt advice tool
  • General information about credit unions.

Our team is constantly updating, adding and improving our content so your members can ask even more questions.

Your members will have constantly updated information, guides and tools by you adding the Smart Assistant to your website. You also get to engage with your members more.

The best thing about the Smart Assistant is that it continuously learns. Every time a member asks a question the AI learns what appropriate response to give as well as language used. Our team then works to update the content based on learned analytics to really give your members the information they look for most.

Custom Smart Assistant

The Smart Assistant is fantastic to engage with members and provide a way for you to give tips and information about finance in general to help build a membership who are truly financially literate. However, the Smart Assistant can do much much more.

Customer Service

Most credit unions rely upon their staff to answer calls and emails to deal with member enquiries. This takes up staff time which can be used for other purposes within the credit union.

With the Smart Assistant most of the enquiries can be dealt without the member needing to call or email an enquiry. In fact the Smart Assistant will answer your member’s enquiries 24/7 and 365 days (including Bank Holidays and Weekends, you also do not to pay double pay!). 

Sales and Marketing

The Smart Assistant can recommend seasonal loans and other products.

Account Specific Enquiries

You can even have account specific enquiries such as balance enquiries, request statements, and even open other accounts or apply for a top-up loan.



£ 2500
  • Smart Assistant on Your Website
  • Connected directly with the Smart Hub
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Only £1003 per year


£ 7500
  • Smart Assistant on Your Website
  • Connected directly with the Smart Hub
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Your Customer Service Enquiries (up to 20)
  • Your Credit Union General Information
  • Only £3000 per year

Accounts Connected

£ 33000
  • Smart Assistant on Your Website
  • Connected directly with the Smart Hub
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Your Customer Service Enquiries (up to 20)
  • Your Credit Union General Information
  • Only £5000 per year
  • Directly Connect Your Members Account to the Smart Assistant
Credit Union Smart Assistant
Let us tell you more about our Smart Assistant and how it can work with your credit union.
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