Are you an influencer with a large following? Whether you are on social media, have your own website or even do talks within your niche, we want to pay you to promote our partners products, services and brands.

However, we do not just work with anyone, we look for those who have engaged followers or the ability to reach far. This does not mean you have a lot of followers to get paid.

How Much Do We Pay?

Depending on your followers, niche and engagement we will pay you between £20 and £1 million based on bids from clients and partners.


You will need to do one of the simple following tasks:

  • Post a link and small description of the product, services and brand on your social network or website.
  • Write a small endorsement of the brand, product or service
  • Once per month promote one of our brands (this is a mandatory requirement)

We refer to you the proposal and you select who you wish to promote. We understand that you personal brand is about you and your business, therefore not everyone we refer may be who you want to promote.

You will get paid 1 month after we have provided proof you undertook the promotion.  This will be paid directly into your bank account.

  • We are currently only accepting influencers from the UK. We are particularly interested in those operating within the following:
  • Charities offering social wellbeing advice
  • Charities or social enterprises offering financial and budgeting advice
  • Charities that offer business advice.
  • Charities that offer debt advice.
  • Fashion commentary
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